Fiery Start

A storm is coming! Enjoy today as it’s going to be mostly dry (but cloudy) –  at midnight tonight it will pour, and pour, and continue for two days. We could get up to 120 millimetres! Bring in the washing, fertilise the garden, clean out the gutters…Sydney is going to get a good rinse.

Today we started with a decent sunrise as the sun snuck through a cloud gap on the horizon. Waves, yep. Head high waves, but it wasn’t breaking any good at Bondi. I reckon head to a beach with decent sandbanks.

Our skilful Mongolian monks require 2-3 weeks to hand carve, handcraft and deliver on a silk pillow, your Aquabumps artworks (globally). Give the gift that keeps on giving – every time you look at it on the wall. Here are some ideas for you!

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Gideon and Francesco, founders of Awayco


Silly season is upon us at Bondi Beach. Lots of people still 'resting', sometimes in the bushes


Light and dark




We're still taking Christmas Orders. 'Wave Churn' and 'Split Contrasts' both Bondi

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