Dear Santa…

What’s on your Christmas wish list? A motorized foil board? A big east swell and offshore winds? Oh, I got it…an Aquabumps artwork from our gallery. Of course! We have plenty in-stock ready to go.

Here are a few gift ideas:

  • A long sleeve wettie jacket for summer from NCHE $170.
  • Surfboard – 7s Double-Down summer groveller (I love mine in 1-2 foot). $720
  • Set of new fins  MR FCSII Twins + Stabiliser $149
  • Gift Card to Aquabumps – let ’em pick their own artwork! $10,000,000
  • Camera – the brand new Canon R (new mirrorless) $3,349
  • Axis Go – water housing for phone photography. From $149
  • Sunscreen Zinc that works from Feel Good Inc ($29.95)
  • A tiny, portable video camera with gimble, the new DJI Osmo Pocket $599
  • Google Home Max Music Speaker (like Sonos, but epic integration with Google and voice). I have them in my house, sounds great. $499.
  • New phone – Google Pixel 3, takes epic photos and be free! $1,199
  • The Aquabumps Bondi Book $50 – ready to ship right now.

All this stuff I use and recommend (or want to try), and no one is paying me to say that!

Not a very photogenic morning with thick dark skies, odd shower, limping NE swell (which I thought was going to be much, much bigger this morning) and south winds. Strong stormy winds blowing all weekend – swell too. Stand by.

:: uge


Not so much today


Chunky foamie lefts




Grant, teaching one wave at a time


The Bondi Book


The left in the middle


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