It’s a wrap…

Firstly I hope everything is OK after last night’s violent hail storm in Sydney. It was truly unbelievable. Worst hail storm since the famous 1999 lashing that took down many insurance companies. I was stuck at home whilst the tin roofs lit up like firecrackers.

Also in 1999, I started Aquabumps – nearly 20 years ago! (anniversary is March 2019) Thank you for reading Aquabumps. I never dreamt a hobby from my cubicle-bound city job would grow into so much more. We now employ 10 humans and it keeps me off the streets. Often I get emails from readers that have been on this daily post for the entire journey – stoked – thanks – that’s amazing!

Special thanks to the ‘Bumps team in the gallery, you guys keep me shooting and out of the office. Thanks.

Thanks to Google Pixel, Dropbox, Canon, Destination NSW, Australian Ballet, Air New Zealand for working with us this year. Also a round of applause for Aquatech (my water housings), Academy Brand, Nche wetsuits + Global Surf Industries.

I’m gonna pack the car full of kids and boards, take some time off and rest my lens eye.

Merry Christmas and may 2019 be full of swells and stoke.

:: uge

Hungry pack, middle Bondi Beach




Stockton Bite


Ah yes, this is 'Strayla!


Mungo new moon!


Merry Christmas from the Tan Family! Photo: Chris Prestidge @Atdusk

5 thoughts on “It’s a wrap…

  1. Thank you for another year of the most epic shots Uge. For all of us lucky enough to live in Bondi you are providing an invaluable photo record of our hood which we enjoy daily but can also enjoy forever. You also remind us what we are missing when in ‘the cubicle’ but more importantly you remind us daily whats most important in life; fun, family, friends, family, the ocean, the environment – the MOMENT. You’re a legend!!

  2. Thanks so much. Your emails light up my inbox in my city office and make me love Sydney every day!
    Plus inspire the overseas journeys! Have a great break!

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas break Uge. Your daily images of Bondi and beach life give me my fix of home. Thankyou
    David from Singapore.

  4. Happy Xmas and good 2019. We have followed you every day here in England and have loved it all…….have good ‘time out’ John and Daphne

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