The Curtain

A large, thick curtain of cloud blanketed most of the morning light. A tiny gap in the clouds along the horizon is all we had to work with. Waves are small at Bondi, but pleasurable. NE swells better suit beaches around the corner like Tamarama on the low, or Da Bra.

A 21-year-old man was pulled out of Backpacker Express last night and remains in a critical condition today. 3 of them went for a swim just after the lifeguards packed up for the day. If you’re heading to the beach, be careful and swim between the flags if you’re not confident in the brine. News

Tomorrow is going to be very hot one indeed! 34 forecasted, out west will be cooking.

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A very serious Weeties


Poppy's last day in Bondi before moving to the darkside


Inner mechanics of a breaking wave


Suitable surfcraft


Mikey Haskas from The Wine Shop


Sunken in the brine


3 thoughts on “The Curtain

  1. Aquabumps is an excellent platform to educate the masses that we all need to put water safety /awareness that Mother Ocean can be a beautiful and deadly mistress with no exemptions….good work.

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