modus operandi

Ok…back to my Bondi M.O after a few weeks of road trips,¬†frothing groms and a reprieve from social media/shooting – feeling fresh and ready to take on 2019!

It was a treat to capture Bondi today in 22-degree water – that’s about as warm as it will get. Feb is typically the warmest water of the year. Hope this NE wind doesn’t chill it back down.

The sandbanks @ Bondi look fantastic, but the intermittent swell was a little lacking. Earlier it was bigger (sunrise) with a higher tide.

Today we have a hot day (30) and NE winds and NE swell. If you’re not back in your cubicle recalibrating your work focus, hit the beach.

:: uge

Chicken Little, hunting coverage


Looking for the seal


Morning slides


Daz, floater


How the day started


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