Very still conditions at Bondi this morning. The water surface was like a sheet of glass.

Tiny waves, but still contestable. 2nd Ramps had a waist high wave that looked kinda rippable. High volume boards would perform best. Heaps of traffic in the water so be patient.

Hot day ahead again, 31. A beach day, hit it.

:: uge

K.Ron on a glassy peach


North end flags, Bondi




Ski racer


Annina loving the warmer waters


One thought on “Glass

  1. Hi Uge! Long time subscriber here–how I look forward to your email every day. I have been meaning to share my appreciation/perspective for your photograph “Gisha”.

    In my opinion, it is perhaps the most beautiful surf photograph ever taken. Your instincts with Bondi’s mercurial light is so adept, and exemplified by your capture of the most delicate balance of light and dark upon her face and pose. Strongly, stoically, gracefully, she personifies both modernity and the ancient past. It is as if I can hear the echoes of the Eora skimming across the waters around her in their canoes, bridging the soul of then and now. In that moment of synchronicity, a photograph becomes art. Time is captured, yet becomes infinite.

    Just had to tell you that one really lives on for me. Bravo to both you [the photographer], and she [the conduit of time].

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