Had enough of watching rogue tubes in Queensland? Froth levels are at an all-time high. It looks onshore up there today, so it’s safe to┬áturn your social media back on. The airlines must have made a killing over this TC Oma. Tickets to Goldie were soaring up into the $500-600 mark. The hellmen that locked in flights early (clever), were rewarded…

Ok, back to Bondi. The most consistently average wave in Australia. It’s breaking in the 4-6 foot range, banks look good, it’s onshore but pretty rogue and all over the place. You’ll need a good attitude and a board that paddles well to fight your way out there.

It’s calming down….it is. Tomorrow has NE winds forecasted! Clean surf…

:: uge

Saxon Joye kicking off his new modelling career


There's some, but it's not that good


Learners in the Northern Corner


Wave music


2 thoughts on “Halcyon

  1. Hey Uge

    Think you have been away from WA for too long! if Bondi is the “most consistently average wave in Australia” what does that make the Trigg/Scabs stretch of beach?

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