Week Recap

It’s rareĀ for me not to shoot the beaches in the morning.

It’s been my daily ritual for over 20 years now…but today I was feeling a little under the weather and opted for some deep sleep to sort it out – all better now thanks!

Seeing it’s Friday, I thought I’d do a little recap of the week and show you some images that haven’t made it onto my blog yet. Every day I shoot around 80-100 images, so many ‘B Roll’ shots usually don’t see the light of day.

There are waves out there. Junky 2-3 footers. The flanking southerly making it look less than pretty, but you’ll find something out there, especially on the higher tides due to extremely shallow banks.

148 people donated to my Surfaid Cup team so far (Raising nearly 9k). So good. You guys are amazing. Thank you

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Monday, Bergs showers


Chris Friend


Tuesday - overcast, junkie. Bronte


Tuesday - Roman finds a new reef to surf


Wednesday, good sunrise, few straight waves


Thursday, clean peelers. Mr. Kowalski


"Lane Ends" Icebergs

"Surf Club" Maroubra Beach

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