Autumn Hues

Dang! Fantastic start to the day. A feast of colour above Bondi…wow!

After 20 years of getting up early, stalking sunrises…today’s show ranks pretty highly. It always blows me away how short lived it was – seconds really.

Surf – not great, limping 1-2 footers with a large crowd out.

If winter puts a smile on your face – it’s something you had in common with the late, great Warren Miller. We pay tribute to the godfather of skiing, Macpac presents Warren Miller’s “Face of Winter”.

Screening in at the Hayden Orpheum, Cremorne May 22-24 and The Ritz, Randwick, May 25 & 26

Face of Winter

The Poo Stink pipe never looked so good


Seb, major frother


Best time to do a morning walk


Few waves, nothing special


Harmony and 2 week old Lili


Pink water, Bondi


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