Quiet, warm, small, still…

That’s how I’d summarize this morning.

Some cool textures in the sky…but that’s about it!

All these images, including the long lens shots, are taken with a Phaseone Trichromatic 100mp setup. Not a new camera, something I’ve had in my kit for decades, but usually only rip it out for tripod work.  For the non-techies…these images are ultra hi res. Pretty much the highest res pics you can get – just in case you want a surfing shot blown up 20 metres by 30 metres – I’m ya man! haha.

:: uge

Team rights to avoid the weed


My 10,000th shot of Icebergs




Sunrise this morning.


Weed funnels


Warm morning, perfect for a swim


La Gauche


One thought on “HI-RES

  1. Hi Uge,

    How about posting some of your most popular works again on a quiet day? Just a suggestion, always look forward to your posts.

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