Paradise Found

Along my 20 year odyssey to discover the perfect beaches of the world, I’ve visited hundreds, if not thousands of pristine locations.

For weeks I’d been Google-Earth-stalking one beach in Spain, that just looked too perfect on social media. I even chartered a helicopter to take me there as soon as I arrived, but the conditions were all wrong to shoot, the wind was on it, weed was in, and the sun hiding behind a cloud (Note: the only cloud we’ve seen in Spain for eight days – pretty typical). So I burnt thousands of Euro and went to the hotel a little disappointed.

Then on the final day on Mallorca, the winds stopped, and I’d thought I’d check it one more time, on foot. It’s a bit of a hike, as they lock down the local town, banning cars through it in summer. Late for our connecting flight to Ibiza, we ran over the hill and saw this beach – Calos De Moro. Wow! The legend stacks up! The blues were fluorescent. The bay, photogenic. The clarity – off the charts. That special seabed of algae that makes the water blue here is working OVERTIME in this location.

The only thing missing on Calos De Moro is a right-hander peeling down the outer wall. If there were waves, I might not return!

Calos De Moro, pretty amazing bit of beach


Good idea - speed boat it in


Looks a bit like Rotto in WA


Bring your snorkel


Tight cove, just need a few waves


Swim anyone?


2 thoughts on “Paradise Found

  1. Beautiful pics, I love it when boats seem to float above the water because it’s so clear…shame there’s no waves

  2. Like I said Uge in my last comment…if the med had consistent waves there would be no reason to go anywhere else. Great food, amazing lifestyle and culture …as you say..paradise found !

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