Moving Water

“Bondi” or “Boondi” is an Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks.

Lots of noise from breaking water this morning as the swell has spiked into the 4-5 foot region. Even a few bay closeouts.

But…it’s not lining up well at all and our delicate sand banks don’t seem to be holding size.

The rain continues and we pray that it is reaching our dams.

OK Fishing crew, listen up. WA lad Wade Kalajzich teamed up with good mate, Tamarama based industrial designer Adam Goodrum around 3 years ago, and have launched the world’s first multi hinged, side opening fishing rod case: SCUTE. If you fish – this is for you, support them via Kickstarter. (Click the big fat button below)

Kickstarter - Scute

Speed trim








Leonie, she's been looking for the Aquabumps Gallery for years!


Great new addition to Bondi's wall. Well done @whoiseasty

Dan the Man


We've fenced off your very own 10,000 sqm dance floor on Bondi Beach


Roman, lifeguard, Icebergs


2 thoughts on “Moving Water

    1. Jim it was pretty dark down there this morning.
      Sometimes just not enough light to shoot sharp, in the dark so the blurs come in.
      Cheers, uge

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