Dubrovnik - the fortified jewel of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik – the fortified jewel of the Adriatic

Kings Landing

Dubrovnik…it’s like going back in time. It’s a stunning fortified city in Croatia surrounded by the idyllic Adriatic islands (which we just sailed through).

The centuries-old port pretty much looks the same today as it did in the 16th century. This blows my mind…the city has had a constant stream of aggressive armies trying to take over the joint or have occupied it! You name it; they’ve had a crack…Russians, French (Napoleon), English, Ottomans, Venetians…the list goes on.

Dubrovnik’s 2 kilometre giant stone boundary walls has never been breached – they’re ridiculously thick and you can walk on top of them. Its surrounding mountains would also hinder an invasion from the land.

In 1991, Dubrovnik got stuck in the middle of its waring neighbours. The UNESCO World Heritage site was bombed relentlessly by the Yugoslav People’s Army, and 54% of the buildings in the city were damaged – it was a horrible time for the 50,000 residents. Today most of the shelling damage has been restored, and it’s a huge tourist destination in Europe – it’s rammed. And I have to say – mostly Aussies.

Europe is a fantastic place, the cultures, the history, the food. Yesterday I stood in Napoleon’s fort admiring the view of the town, I ate pizza on the same streets where ancient Romans roamed and even did the walk of shame with Cersei Lannister on the Jesuit stairs (luckily no one threw faeces at me and I had my kit on!). The TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ has really shone a huge spotlight on the city, which you’d probably recognise as Kings Landing.

Ok, we’re coming home now and the Bondi picture show will continue this week.
Pray for swell and a stronger Aussie dollar so travelling isn’t as wounding as it is now. Ouch! We’re broke :: uge

Banje Beach just outside the city's walls


Going back in time...Dubrovnik


How they built these structures without machinery I don't know


Old, damn old.


Imagine trying to climbs those walls

Those city walls have never been breached

35 degrees here, swim time


August - busiest month of the year!


No shortage of rock around Dubrovnik, it's all rock


Like all the beaches in Croatia, the water is crystal blue


Ok, we're done here - heading home! See you around Bondi


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  1. Hi Uge, loved following your adventures in Croatia! Please could you share the details of the boat you sailed on? Would love any other tips. Thanks so much!

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