🐇 Bunny Boilers

The swell peaked last night, and we’re now on the way down.

I thought it was going to be bigger today, it was just a nice chunky swell, 4 maybe 6 foot on sets.

The only surfable waves were Bronte, Coogee or Maroubra. Bondi was a pigsty.  Winds SSW 20-25 knots. Rain? yep. Intermittent.

This Thursday (12th September) is RUOK day to bring awareness to mental health. One Wave crew will be dressing up in Yellow (Or Fluro) and making a massive RUOK on Bondi Beach which is hopefully visible from space! Meet at South Bondi 6:30 am, Thursday 12 Sept. After the beach sess there’s an RUOK breakfast at Heart Cafe from 8 am. All are welcome and the weather looks good so no excuses! :: uge

RUOK day on Bondi Beach

Long drawn out bottom turns


Bronte jaws wide open


Time it well boys or pay the price


Speed turns through the slush, Bronte


Everyone loves watching big surf


Chubby nuggets looking towards Tama-hammer


Those glorious Bronte golden rocks


It was cold down there, as cold as it looks in this photo


Morning Metallica


5 thoughts on “🐇 Bunny Boilers

  1. Just letting you guys know that your email often doesn’t completely load. Your last photo from an old collection blocks the photos. You can only see the top three photos and that’s it. Love all your work so I get sad when I can’t see them all 🙂

    1. Hi Seiny,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      This has to do with your download speed.

      If you’re on your phone, it may be slower, especially if you have an old phone or bad reception.
      We serve it up as fast as we can.

      Can you let me know what you are looking at our updates via?


      1. Hi Uge, I’m having the same troubles and it’s only started the last few emails. I view via Outlook on my Samsung 6S…so could be the old phones? 📞

        1. MMM, really? Ok. I am using outlook app on my andriod phone (google pixel though) and it’s fine.
          Let’s keep and eye on it. I haven’t changed anything!

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