At first light, I swam out the back of Bondi dragging a camera. It was a mistake; I ended up swimming against a rip for an hour.

So much water moving around in the bay. I would get sucked out to sea, then across to The ‘Bergs, and then back out again! After 5 laps in the rip, here is all I shot, occasionally connecting with a surfer. I need a nap under my desk today.

There are waves, and it’s breaking around 4 foot. All-day offshore winds will bring us joy, but Bondi doesn’t seem to be working – at all. The banks are shot. Go surf somewhere else. Manly looks like it’s cooking! So many places on the Northern Beaches would be good today.

Surfrider Foundation Bondi Branch are hosting an annual clean up of the beach on 21st September 2019 between 2pm and 4pm. Be great if you all could help out. Bondi gets so many visitors and they leave plenty of rubbish. :: uge

Bondi Beach Clean Up

Thursday - pool cleaning day

Morning fades


Tyson, close out central




Dazzle on turbo


Steep drop then run


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