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How are you going? All good? We’re good too. I need a haircut pretty badly (looking a bit like Tom Hanks from Cast Away) – but they are small-time problems in comparison to our global situation. We’ve kinda got a routine at home, now, that seems to be working.

Surf is pumping in Sydney, so maybe you should go for a mental health wave? (observing social distancing of course).

When these social distancing rules loosen up, I’m really looking forward to moving around and shooting. You know, a good old roadie out of town. Here are a few frames from Pre-Rona jaunts out of Sydney.

Have you got Mum a present yet? Mother’s Day on Sunday. I had a word with her, she really wanted beach-inspired artwork to make her home isolation a little more comforting. By coincidence, we sell artwork, hell, we will even ship it in Australia for free. Get her a gift card or pick something out of the catalogue, she will love it. Chat with our team

Don’t get too comfortable at home, things are changing.

:: uge

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Pre-Rona Roadies


Morning dew and the greenery


Lazy shutters and lipline flutters


Hyams, those colours


Ourie Pool, Werri Beach


This is what 52 million buys you. A Sea snake.


Traffic was bad. Haha!


4 thoughts on “Iso Library

  1. Hi Uge
    I love how responsible your comments are re doing the right thing and staying home.
    I’m glad there actually are people in Eastern subs who are taking the whole Covid situation seriously, I just don’t seem to be witnessing too many of them when I go walking.
    There still seem to be a lot of people exercising like there was nothing different about the world at the moment. Joggers who still run you down when they go past you, parents and offspring on bikes who wonder why you haven’t moved out of their way!! That said there are a few people who consciously move over and actually smile.
    I’ve been meaning to make this comment for a couple of weeks but haven’t as it makes me sound like a grump. I’m not, I just would love to see respect and responsibility happening around our area. Eeeek, hope you don’t stop sending me your emails!
    Anyway congratulations again on setting an example to all who receive your emails.

    1. Thanks so much Helen.
      I appreciate your comment.
      It’s tough, as I know plenty are out and about, but we’re all meant to be staying at home, unless exercising….to make this COVID thing go away sooner.
      Basically I don’t want to be a part of the problem, just another stat, passing the Rona on.
      But thanks for commenting.

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