A spark of light on a old subject, one of the most sensational buildings in Sydney

City to Surf

Last night the weatherman mentioned “Fog tomorrow” about 5 times. So I ventured into the big smoke, cameras ready for those moody foggy Harbour Bridge scenes. Whilst the fog never eventuated, there were moments of vibrant light on some well-trodden paths around Circular Quay. The surf was clean and waist to shoulder high today. The […]

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Raining one second, sunny the next. I'm confused

Pot of Gold

It was a confusing morning, I couldn’t quite work it out. 6:50am – torrential rain. I’m talking stay in bed kind of rain. Our tin roof was pelting. 7:00am – skies sprayed bright pink. Rain persists. Watch from home, wondering where I could shoot with my gear, and stay dry. Jump in the brine with […]

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Aquabumps headquarters today - Lilypad Palm Beach

On The Pittwater

Notice anything different about today’s post? We’ve gone northside broadcasting from The Pittwater aboard a floating house – The Lilypad. Yes, a house that’s like a boat! My kinda home iso… Inside, it’s like an elegant compact house with all mod cons. Sometimes you forget you’re adrift…until a boat passes and gives you a gentle […]

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Gracey, shorey


There’s a promise of a south swell that should be significant – but it hasn’t arrived just yet. It will definitely be here tomorrow. Bondi was shoulder high and straight as an arrow this morning. In my opinion, anything south of the tower is unsurfable, whilst north of the tower is surfable, it’s just lacklustre. […]

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Bring on that solar warmth


It’s cold! I know my readers in cold places will all gang up on me today with the “toughen up” talk. 8 degrees earlier, but with the wind chill, I’d call it 4-5 degrees before the sun came up. There’s a small, limpy waist to chest high wave, not really much going on except for […]

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The real Golden Arches, South Bondi

Crispy Clean

Yeah, crispy clean – not Krispy Kreme. An amazing day outside with an abundance of sunshine, warming things up from its 7-degree base. Swell direction has shifted to the south and Bondi would be attracting the most energy – but it’s still tiny and lacking any banks. Real clean and neat though. The north end […]

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Frontside carves with Blake Thornton

Corey is back…

I think Corey Worthington has moved into my street. Remember Corey? Australia’s most infamous party organising teenager. Since the lifting of restrictions, I’ve got to say Bondi has gone wild. For the past two nights, I’ve had a bunch of annoying punks keeping me awake until 4am (I think it’s the same bunch still going […]

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We've come thru the other side - but will there be a second wave?

Friday Swims

Swimming with my camera is one of my favourite angles, as I’m a part of the action – very invigorating! Not many forms of photography allow you to be up so close and involved, ducking under curly lips, together, with my subjects. The banks are pretty awful for surfing (closeouts), but they’re super shallow, putting […]

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Sunrise, small break in clouds


There’s room for improvement let’s say. I was hoping for a colour spray sunrise, but it was kind of a fizzer by winter’s standards.  Bondi’s surf has been lacking lately due to the unfavourable alignment of sand.  The shorey was full of weed, but a few hardcore frothers were out – hungry – hunting – as […]

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The Groms at Bronte have a crack on a rare set wave


It’s small as the swell switches origins from the nor-east to the south. Our clear winter skies also are changing, as clouds entered stage right and filled the skies by 9 am. It’s about to blow onshore – the rest of the day is going to be a workday. At home, of course. All this […]

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Birds flying south, Maroubra


A special kind of morning with an abundance of sunshine, gentle offshores and a small chugging nor-east swell. I decided to roam the local neighbourhood, looking for untrodden territory for Aquabumps. I found myself loitering around the Coogee – Maroubra region. Like Bondi, Coogee’s coastal walks were choccas as the WFH revolution continues. Nobody seems […]

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Bronte take off in the golds

Both Sides

Living in Sydney, we are surrounded by water. One hundred beaches on one side and the deepest and largest natural harbour in the world on the other. Today we’ve got shots from both sides… Sensational winter’s day, clear skies, quite warm (21). Swell is dribbling into the beaches, not much to write about really. All […]

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Cloudy days, Bondi


Like most recent days, there are waves on offer, clouds, a tiny bit of rain and shocking banks at Bondi. How bad? Ghastly I reckon. The fact that there was barely anyone surfing it is testament. There’s ALWAYS someone out surfing Bondi. There were a couple around the corner at Bronte on some sorta weird […]

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Inside the weedy Bondi shorey

Weedy Tumblr

How are you going? Slipping slowly back into your old life? Kinda? Sorta? A foggy start to the day, sunshine broke through late. I spent the morning sticking my head inside a weedy shore break, hunting tubes. It was fun! Even after seeing millions of waves from the inside, it’s still a favourite pastime. Don’t […]

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A short moment of light and colour, this morning


I’ve been trying to write this daily ramble for quite some time, thinking about the stand out qualities of today’s earlier hours. It’s a bit of a bland, vanilla tasting morning with onshores (south), very undesirable surf (2ft) and a bit of drizzle. The entire south half of Bondi has virtually no banks, and I […]

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When South Bondi's Red Rocks are showing - means big swells and heavy erosion


The perfect combination of a full moon (high tides) and a monster swell yesterday has drawn all the sand out of South Bondi – revealing those giant red rocks. I’m really hoping that sand eventually forms into banks suitable for surfing – because there’s no joy out there at the moment. A massive gutter in […]

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Big bomb, Bronte 7am

Heavy Duty

There is a big swell in town. At first, I just thought it was only a 6-8 foot day, but some sets were enormous. I’m not quite sure how big, as not many surfers out to gauge the heights – but the odd 10 foot plus bomb I think. It was quite an action-packed morning; big […]

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Crispy, winter warm light over the Buckler.


I love this time of year. The light is fantastic – I can make anything look good when the light is this good. The winter light is so different from our summer rays, which can appear hazy and make colours murky. Winter light is a burnt orange, crispier making colours pop. The sun’s side angle to […]

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Jørn's sunset, Sydney Opera House


Usually, I’m so distracted with constant international travel, that I overlook our beautiful city. I can’t see us travelling abroad anytime soon, so I plan to re-explore areas of New South Wales – just like a tourist with my camera dangling around my neck. It’s so easy to get stuck in your local bubble – […]

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An explosion of colour hovering over North Bondi this morning


This morning was an explosion of colour over Bondi Beach. Bright hues glowed from the North as we entered the first day of winter. The colours were so strong, it looked unreal. (I even pulled them back in post). It’s also the 1st day of regional travel, as our COVID19 grip loosens. Loads of people […]

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