Usually, I’m so distracted with constant international travel, that I overlook our beautiful city. I can’t see us travelling abroad anytime soon, so I plan to re-explore areas of New South Wales – just like a tourist with my camera dangling around my neck. It’s so easy to get stuck in your local bubble – especially Bondi – and forget there’s so much more. There are 100 beaches in Sydney, for instance – yeah, 100. I’ve got a lot of shooting to do…

Today we have rain, 8 degrees and zero footers – so I’m opting to show you some images from the deepest harbour in the world – Sydders. (Taken on Sunday evening)

Any minute now the swell will arrive, perhaps head high by sundown. That’s good news. Sit tight, crank out the uggies.

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Sunset in Sydney, a couple of days ago


Let's take that rib for a spin


One Barangaroo - 2 billion dollars worth!


Coat hanger skies, Sydney


Massive chunk of steel


Camp Cove, Watson's Bay


2 thoughts on “Domesticated

  1. As Eugene knows I’ve been a big fan since his conception. Just a question for him re travel within NSW, what are some of your fave spots 2-4hours Nth of Sydney? Thx

    1. Good to see you’re still reading Monique.

      Byron – obviously and all that north coast is amazing – but flying is tricky at the moment – so long drive.
      Jervis, Hymans…so good.
      Mid North Coast has some gems.
      Have a look at some of the places I shoot

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