Cape Calm

Like most of Sydney, I’ve driven north to Byron. It’s busy here. It’s a combo of COVID hangovers, school holidays and some pretty tasty mild winter’s weather.

The swell is small; The Pass trickles in at around 0.5 to 1ft – head high for my son Spike.

Conditions are gonna change – as an intense bombing low-pressure system is forming off our coast, erupting on Wednesday. Check any weather map, and you will see blobs off red all over the place marking intensity not often seen before. 5-6 metre ocean swells they say‚Ķ12 footers they say. The sweep at Da Pass is gonna be off the hook! Man the jetskis hellmen! We’re in for one helluva ride.

I’m excited.

:: uge

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The Pass rocks

Mini waves, pushing down The Pass


Locals only


It sure is busy in the water


Nice light and cloud, Byron Bay


It's busy, but not hard to find some space to yourself


How many boards do you see?


Crystal clear lines of Byron

Checking out the rocker


Ankle biters


Just look at all that sand...oh boy, with 5 metres of swell coming?

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