Lockdown Pixel Painting

The photos I took this morning were pretty horrible. I mean, any beach with a 35-knot gale and rainy skies isn’t going to look pretty. It’s the first time I had trouble riding my bicycle due to extreme winds. Let’s wait until this storm blows over…it’s crazy out there.

We have all been spending a lot more time at home these days because of COVID. It’s been an awesome opportunity to explore different creative avenues with my photography – not just sitting around watching the news!

I don’t usually shoot at night, but during the lockdown, it was the only time I could get some space to work without anybody around.

Being a bit of a nerd, I trawled blogs, vlogs and youtube for some new ideas and discovered a new LED contraption that enabled me to paint up surreal worlds at night, while I threw my family in the foreground for kicks.

I worked with Dell and the new XPS laptop range on this project. There’s a short video on the process here. (and you can even enter comp to win a new lappie).

Adios :: uge

P.S. To our Victorian readers – hang in there. This will pass. Use the time to be creative!

Watch the process of these pics





The family on the rocks


Lollie wrapper




Pixel beach


Having a bit of fun with the kids




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