I didn’t see a human ride a wave all morning. Not one. Bronte to Bondi – nada. Well, that’s rare.

It was a kinda vanilla type morning, no light and junkie surf. Once this ocean settles from its recent agitation, hopefully, something will be on the cook.

As I write this post, sunlight is creeping in through the skylight onto my keyboard – it’s clearing. Oh yeah, I like that after all the rain and wind.

Keep ya eye on it.

:: uge

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Beach erosion after that last swell, the red rocks are back out


Sunshine fighting it's way through at 7am


Reef nugget!


I don't remember seeing so much rock showing at South Bondi


In the rough, Bondi


Da Bergs




2 thoughts on “Vanilla

  1. That’s me in the bathers on bronte thus morn.
    Any chance the model gets a free photo !
    I swim every day at the boggie hole … yesterday was more of a challenge!!!
    Rachel 0410293982

    1. Hey Rachel, Congratulations on being featured on the Aquabumps daily email. You’re welcome to keep a JPG copy (right click on the image) of the shot as a momento.

      Every day, for 20 years, Uge has shot and published the images for our blog on a daily basis, for absolutely no charge. If you want to support the on-going daily images you’re welcome to purchase via the BUY link under your image:
      All the best.

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