Open Road

How are you going? Finally, lapping up real summer weather after a rainy December? Not bad huh?

Things are looking up for 2021 – There have been some big changes in the world and NSW has done a great job of keeping Rona cases down from our recent outbreak.

We’ve also had a monster swell hit the East coast and so many nooks and crannies are lighting up all the way to Queensland. Some big sets in there!

Don’t forget, the Bondi Aquabumps Gallery is open every day 10am to 6pm for all your artwork needs – pop in – 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach or phone 02 9130 7788.

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Not this again


That's a chunk!


Sculptures by the sea


Bomb drops


Da Bush




Spike rarely surfs, but can put on a show

Wifie getting in on the action

Why not

Spikey - unhinged (he's only 7)

Man + Ocean


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