22 Years

I don’t wanna make a big deal of it, but this week Aquabumps celebrates 22 years of existence. So you’re thinking, I started this website when I was ten years old? Correct.

For those that don’t know the journey, I was a frustrated creative director/office jockey – spending all day in CBD office boardrooms dreaming out the window of another world in the ocean. 

Back then, the internet was new, and I thought a photo-day-thing from the beach would be most excellent – especially as the advent of digital cameras was becoming semi-affordable. 

I’m torkin’ the nineties…so social media hadn’t been dreamt up yet, phones were for talking, blogs was something you did in the toilet, and influencers was something you caught in winter. 

Around March 1999 I started taking photos regularly, crap ones, and emailing them to my mates to make them jealous of my lifestyle livin’ on the beach. People were so stoked to see the beach every day in their inbox, as most couldn’t dip their toes before work like I could living across the road from it. 

People came, mailing lists grew, and a whole lotta crazy stuff happened for over two decades. I never planned it, I just liked doing it…and kept doing it. It made me happy, and many others. 

So thanks to all of you for tuning in. I’m always so chuffed when people tell me on the street they’ve been an avid reader for 20 odd years or moved from London to Sydney because of the photos. THANK YOU.

Today I have a request; I’m currently raising money for The Bondi SurfAid Cup (May 7) and would love some pocket change. Please. Even though I’ve stopped travelling to Indonesia, I haven’t forgotten the people. Donate here

Tomorrow apparently, the rain WILL STOP — a huge sigh of relief. Please spare a thought for all the displaced communities around our state trying to keep dry.

Here are some pics I’m into…from my Aquabumps journey.

:: uge




Kelly Slater at Tama




Pama Davies, wild punts


Freedom, Tamarama at the start of COVID19 lock down


Striking North, last month's amazing sunrise


Hole Calm, Mentawais


Below Blues, Mentawais


"Whitey" Icebergs, Bondi


Lennox Head Firing, NSW


Luke Wyllie


Kinsey Yuen surfing the most colourful waves I’ve ever seen.


Special thanks to the AB team (sorry we're missing the part timers!)

12 thoughts on “22 Years

  1. A delightful photographic journey, every which way that one looks at it. H uge congratulations. You make me smile every day. Life is better with AB. Enough said. Olly.

  2. Been receiving your daily since mid 2001 when I first visited Sydney…still here and still loving your work. Congrats.

  3. I have been a subscriber for years. I have been to Sydney and Australia several times
    and it was a big thrill for me to walk into your gallery . After reading your post for so long and to see it in person was fantastic.
    Congratulations on twenty years.

  4. I live in North Bondi, swim or surf first thing every morning and i’m still hanging for the mid morning update!! Thanks for all the value you provide Uge, you’re a legend, much appreciated!!

  5. Congrats Uge on 22 years. I have been receiving since I joined when you had about 4800 subscribers and look forward to it everyday.

  6. I have lived in North Bondi all my life, went through every generation starting in since 1964.
    Rubberies, coolites and finally my first board in 1967. Really appreciate what you have done.
    Well done and keep up the great work. Aldo

  7. Congratulations Uge, looking forward to the next 22 years.

    I now live in London and every morning I enjoy seeing your fantastic pictures whilst having a cup of tea! 🙁


  8. I also now live in London and I wake up to your amazing images and upbeat blog each day, a very happy reminder of my home town. I am lucky enough to own some of your incredible images and love visiting your gallery whenever I’m in Oz. I’m now really enjoying seeing your boys get into skating as I too have two young teenage boys, one to whom skating is his world.
    Congratulations on turning 22 Uge. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  9. Thank you for sharing your journey and perspective, and congrats on 2+ decades. Been a follower since a 3-mo work visit in 2006, living in North Bondi. Though Stateside since then, I still look forward to seeing the relationship of people and water through your lens. Grateful for your work. J

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