Murky Waters

All that recent rain has created some strange coloured ocean water in NSW. It’s currently an unattractive green-brown colour – stained from all the muddy river outflows along this state’s coast.

Just imagine how much water has been flowing from the land out to sea this week – incredible. Warragamba Dam alone spewed out the same volume of our harbour, daily, in its overflow earlier this week. (Keep in mind Sydney is the deepest harbour in the world too – lotta water).

Thankfully we’re in bang in the middle of a good weather phase – giving thousands of people a chance to dry out and start the massive clean up.

It’s not that hot, only a mild 21 forecast for today. Magnificent grooming SW offshore winds are putting out some good surf conditions. Waves are head high and decent – I hope you snagged a few.

One of the many weird things about Covid19 was the computer hackers were going mad. A Chinese fashion model ended up with my Aquabumps Twitter account that I held since the social media platform went live. She was posting lovely selfies from Shanghai. Well, I recently got it back – sans all my fans (I’ve got 2 followers today). Follow here if you’re a Twitter lover; Don-Don Trump will flicking me a follow any minute now.

Have a great weekend.
Bondi Boardriders 1st event is this Sunday.

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Walking around with your head in the clouds, Maroubra


Planking, Mahon

Out of the flags boys

Lefts from the D-bowls


Hack, Blake


A very happy Karen Finch


Empty line up!


Clean, 3ft and green!


Shorey grinders, Blake


Gettin' dinner


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