Griffin Colapinto smashing the lip

Griffin Colapinto smashing the lip


I woke to horizontal rain and howling southerlies. Oh man, it’s wild out there – not great for photography! You’ll find your rubbish bins and bbq lids down the street.

We’ve even got an Eastern Suburbs COVID case roaming all of Sydney’s BBQ shops – hope you got your BBQ mate!

@Bondi waves are now reaching double head high, but it’s a complete washing machine. I hope it cleans up for our Bondi SurfAid Cup tomorrow, which will be held up north of Bondi, right in the corner, seeking protection from rogue conditions.

I’m proud to announce Aquabumps has raised $9,603 for Surfaid via our chopper raffle and straight donations from y’all. Thank you so much for contributing. You’ve got until 3 pm today if you still wanna chip in. Overall, all 20 Bondi Cup teams have raised 100k for Surfaid so far, which is so good.

WSL is orrrrn
Margs Comp is a go in large, clean surf. This has inspired my shots posted today from my morning visits to the free surfing at North Narra.

Tenner off
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North Narrabeen Art


Brazilian-born, Hawaiian-raised goofy-footer Tatiana Weston Webb

Jack Freestone backhand stabs

R_CALL, on fire in the Marg Pro

Rote - Griffin Colapinto

Powerhouse Connor O'Leary

Jack Freestone

Connor Coffin

Ryan down the line

Italo - frontside jam

Jack Robinson

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