Bondi ØɄ₮Break

We’ve woken to BONDI BONDI BONDI all over the news. Bondi outbreak, Bondi cluster, Bondi hotspot. On the tele they’re interviewing people on the beach how they feel about The Rona running rampant around our beloved beach. Hell, even my accountant cancelled his meeting with me in Bondi Beach today!

So, from what I can tell, at the time of writing this post, this new outbreak doesn’t have a great deal to do with Bondi Beach at all. The Vaucluse man visited Bondi Junction cinemas…and other Eastern Suburbs outlets. Bondi Beach hasn’t shown up on the NSW Health hit lists – yet. Is Bondi the new brand to describe anything in the east covering a quarter of a million residents? or does it make a nice catchy title – carn’ – everybody knows Bondi.

Let’s hope this outbreak is well contained and the tracers are hot on the trail. After 40 blissful days of no-Rona…that’s the last thing we need.

I digress…the beach…today. Ahem, it was a salubrious morning in Bondi BEACH (I’m referring to the glorious 900 metres of sand in a crescent-shaped bay with small waist to chest high waves). Lots of people out swimming, surfing and soaking the vitamin D.

I decided to weigh myself to the ocean floor this morning, observing the activities above with my lens. At 7 am a massive Stingray crept up on me, on the bottom. I’m talking as big as a car bonet from a Hilux. Yes, it gave me a little jump as it was unexpected. Years ago, a giant ray chased me to the beach. Could be the same one, the same enormous size.

Go outside, it’s a nice day.
But just keep a little bit further apart.

:: uge

Check out the best of Bondi (BEACH)

2 guys, tangled, mid-wash


Oh boy, the water is so good


Sunrise Whale watching - it's a thing in Bondi


Frenchie Chris on a runner


Light spray


Icebergs, always swimmers no matter what temp

Mr. Ray, crept up on me today. This guy is enormous (car bonet)


There's a bloke

Paul, tucking under, South Bondi


7 thoughts on “Bondi ØɄ₮Break

  1. Typical knee jerk reaction – we are now so brainwashed that 1 case and we are all freaking out!! 1 case OMG!!!!!

    When are we going to learn to live with this as part of our lives and get on with things?????? For god’s sake we are not the lucky country anymore we are being held hostage by the media and state governments that actually enjoy this as they can show they are doing something.

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for commenting, let’s not get into the greater coVID debate, government and stuff. It just brings up too much flame.
      Bondi I do reckon the media shouldn’t call it Bondi Covid, he’s not even from here, around here, or been around here! (beach that is)

  2. From one photographer (who is continually inspired by your outstanding work) to another: that ‘2 guys tangled’ shot is just incredible – one of your best.

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