Strange Bondi Rifts

As you all know, it’s been raining for six months, pretty much every day. Ho-hum. Every morning, I wake up and ride my bike down the beach, raincoat on, desperately hunting light to make something of the grey mundane. It’s been hard; I won’t lie. Most days, I dream of a rift… an enormous crack in Bondi where I can dive into another world, a world with less rain, golden sunshine and cranking waves.

Careful what you wish for! Yes, this morning, the gigantic rift appeared with long vines dangling off out it – bang in the middle of Bondi Beach! Of course the local Bondi Rescue guys were first on the scene trying to control the chaos – and surfers and sunrise runners were stopped in their tracks.

I’ve seen it all now – and why you might ask? If you’re a sci-fi drama lover of the Netflix series – ‘Stranger Things’ that is why… Season 4 is here and is streaming Only on Netflix tonight from 5:00pm AEST. Watch Now I’m a fan – so you will know where to find me. 

Only at Bondi Beach! :: uge

P.S. There are waves! 3-4 feet amongst fog, rifts and potentially aliens.

Stranger Things Season 4

Looking to disappear to another world? Dive right in


Big tentacles! Only at Bondi

Perfectly timed (and strange) fog, Bondi 7am

Bondi Rescue Boys busy controlling the situation

Bondi is well known for it's RIPS, not RIFTS


I thought we were done with those hazmat suits!


Dive in, not sure where you will end up

Stranger Things

Anxious crowd awaits to see what will pop out of this Rift


It could not have been a stranger morning down at Bondi, especially with the fog


A lot of scratching heads down there


If you're not checking out your local Rift, I know where you should be


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  1. Is there a news article or somewhere this could be updated? I’ve never heard of this and really don’t understand what I’m looking at.
    Very interesting blog this morning.

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