Former Aussie WSL star Owen Wright, heard about our heavenly sand banks and has driven down from Byron to see all the excitement. His visit coincides with the first day of Spring and Surfaid’s “MAKE A WAVESeptember program.

MAKE A WAVE is a Surfaid initiative where you raise money for remote communities of Indonesia by surfing a wave a day for the entire month of September. Most of you surf every day (some twice a day), so you might as well use this to raise needed funds. More Info

It was a dark and stormy morning with rain coming down whilst shooting. The waves are small and COMPLETELY blown out onshore mush now. The small offshore window has closed, but sign up to Make a Wave and start your daily rituals tomorrow.

Swell is coming with this storm. Sunday looks good.

Happy Father’s Day to all the papas. It’s not too late to get him a gift card from Aquabumps.

:: uge

Join Surfaid's MAKE A WAVE (September)

Surfaid's "Make a Wave" crew


Owen weaving the Friday traffic

Mini John-John (AKA Wilbur Ryall) laying some rail


Mad Tymen


"Check out that left!"

Fred Carmody precision


Byrnnie, putting his whole 30kgs behind this one




Body torque on Owen

Youngest of the bunch - Tymen


Quite a few people 'making' a wave this morning


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