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I’ve been waiting for a lame, grey, onshore day to show you a few pics from my recent adventures. In contrast to today’s bland flavour, recently, we’ve been blessed with epic ocean colours and endless beach weather.

I didn’t shoot anything today, which is rare for me. It’s a great day to be inside and productive!

Bells is off for a bit; there have been some big upsets from the wildcards. There is potential for heats over the Easter break.

Due to poor weather and disease, there’s a massive Cocoa shortage worldwide! It’s $10,000 a tonnne! I wished I had stocked up on chocolate bars. Hopefully, the Easter Bunny is immune to such global shortages; otherwise, there will be a mutiny in my household over the long weekend. Avagoodone.

:: uge

Shop Northern Beaches of Sydney

Emerald Breakers


Northern Beaches has some cracker ocean pools


Camp Cove Jetty


Wally Weekes Pool, North Bondi


Great weather lately




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