Moody Bondi, 6:30am today


These chunky swells are a little frustrating around the eastern suburbs. Even though it’s dropped considerably overnight (still 4-6 foot), the wild oceans just don’t break how we want ’em until its smaller, cleaner.

Sheltered nooks like Manly should have something to shred… I know a few places out of town that would be cooking right now. I hear the Goldie has some fun ones and the points are lighting up. The Sunshine Coast Daily are reporting decent swell from now to May. (??) Read Now that’s a forecast I am liking…not sure how scientific though…but I am an optimist as well.

Offshore winds tomorrow morning and the first proper surf day in weeks. The early high tide may fatten up the decent walls. Don’t expect your colleagues to show up to work. Good luck and drive far…

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