Take-off, Bronte


It was the first cool start to the year; you probably wore an extra layer. Thankfully all that !@#!$ rain has subsided, giving way to some glorious sunshine. Clear skies will be shortlived before diving back into rainy days for the rest of the week. Yeah, more rain. Can you believe it?

There were junkie waves on offer earlier and it’s only getting messier with winds from the south and getting stronger by the hour. I saw the odd head high wave on a left bank at Bronte – nothing spesh.

We’ve got swell for most of this week – but an annoying onshore wind will flank and mess it up.

Adios amigos, ugios

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Cloudy skies, wolf pack waiting. Bondi Beach


Even though the surf was dribbly and without push, it was a fun vibe in the water.  Firstly, it’s warm in the brine – 23+ degrees. The warmest time of year to swim, so get into it. Secondly, there’s good banks and the odd 1-2 foot had a loggers wall spilling to the beach. I […]
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Water is still warm - get in! Bondi 7:40am


A pretty stock standard morning down at Bondi. I’ve seen plenty like this, subtle colours at sunrise, slight onshore, 2-foot waves and a busy beach full of exercise maniacs. After writing approximately 6,000 of these posts, sometimes I get a bit stumped. Today is one of those days! The next time you’ll find waves is […]
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Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club training at sunrise

Funny Farm

It’s wild out there, chaos. Boards flying in all directions, rights on lefts, lefts on rights, 5 per wave. Wear your Stackhat and dodge the torpedos – it’s 2 foot and packed! Its incredible how much the surf dropped out overnight, slipping three gears and idling at sunrise. Clean morning, glorious conditions brought out the […]
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The North Bondi Hook, Sunday 7th March 2021


We are now on the tail end of a solid SSE swell. Yesterday was real big; I saw sets in the 8-10 foot range. Now it’s a more manageable 3-4 foot, and most of the beach is surfable, whereas yesterday was just the North Corner or Benny Buckler Novelty waves. I can imagine there would […]
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Big crowds, big swells and big offshore winds

Viva La Bondi

The 24 hours that preluded this mornings windy southerly was epic. It was paradise; the waves were great – winds gentle, and the sun was in great abundance. Yesterday and part of this morning were mega beach days… At about 9 am this morning, a 20-knot southerly hit, ruining all the fun, but it’s not […]
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Bronte Pool, into the sunrise


There’s fruit on the trees, and finally, the onshores have subsided. The sunshine has come back, and it’s one helluva day outside. Let’s party. It’s easily 4 foot, and from the South, so Bondi is milky every bit of energy from the ocean. It’s too big for beginners and other flotsam jetsam. For the frothers, […]
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This morning, no oil painting!


We’ve had some pleasant conditions and inspiring mornings lately – not today, unfortunately. This morning was dark and gloomy, overcast and cool. Its the first morning that I’ve worn a jumper – so Autumn is setting in. The surf was mega-junkie. The fact that only a couple of surfers headed out is very telling. It […]
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A new take on a very well trodden Bondi icon


Vi-sis-i-tood = regular change. Very unpredictable weather as we continue on our La Nina journey. It was gloriously sunny for one moment, raining on me the next. It’s had to plan ahead at the moment…washing in, out? 16 knots of smotherly is wreaking havoc on our beaches. Bondi has shoulder high mush rolling in. There’s […]
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Playing chicken with Zoey

Ladies Day

The girls were out in force this morning. Why wouldn’t you be – it’s an incredible day, with ultra-warm water and a magnificent sunrise to boot! Today is the first day of Autumn, and it’s gonna creep up the to early thirties – so if you’re working from home, like most of Australia, take a […]
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Mahon Pool, first light

Happy Ending

That’s how I like to finish a week – on a high. After weeks of volatile La Nina weather, we’ve got clear skies, 24-degree water and a small east swell on decent banks. Bingo! You know it’s a good morning when I’ve shot in the water, on land with sticks and filled up all my […]
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Ty Sorati the IT geek from the WSL

Fine Fettle

For a morning forecast to rain, it was looking mighty fine. Glassy conditions, bath-like warm water and a colour spray sunrise to boot. Too good. I was a little surprised to see waves sometimes break above head high. Pretty sure it was meant to be dropping. The early high tide was definitely porking up rideable […]
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It's been a while since I've shot Pama Davies on a nice wave


It has been raining quite consistently since last night, much like the rest of the summer so far. My apps are saying it will clear mid-morning, before raining a lot tonight and tomorrow – I’m a lil’ sceptical. The sky looks very dark to me as I type this. Today’s images were shot last Friday, […]
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