Maroubra, lucky timing with the backwash and light

Social Distancing

Since the invention of the smartphone we’ve been practising ‘social distancing’. We’re experts at it. Need food? Get Deliveroo to your sofa. Feeling lonely? DM a friend. Waiting for your coffee? scroll Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp and email – simultaneously of course – don’t look up, ever. Walking to work? Put those dorky white airpod things in, and block out the rest of the world.

So I guess I am saying, living in a bubble seems to have become the natural state for us all – and now it’s the law of the land as we try and control the spread of the ‘rona.

I know, everyone is on edge as we navigate these uncertain times. But I am certain about one thing – the surf is pumping today, and the sun is out, the winds are offshore…and there’s plenty of space out the back to be 1.5 metres apart.

Stay calm.
Stay healthy.
Please don’t selfishly hoard groceries.
Stay stoked.

Shaka :: uge

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Social distancing, Bondi


I realise everything in your life has been cancelled, work, projects, meetings, hugging, holidays, toilet paper…but don’t worry, old mate Aquabumps is still gonna pump out the beach vibes daily. Waves are still breaking and the sun is seeping over the hill, right on time… Some great uncrowded waves at sunrise – head high. Clouds […]
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A very dry looking Heffron Park, Maroubra

Sydney’s Drought

Working from home today? Ah-huh. Thinking about a lunchtime surf? Probably not. It was a 1/10 down there this morning with an onshore mess, rain and deserted beach. Pass… Sydney’s DroughtI’m a water guy, shoot in the water, surf, swim – hover above it in a chopper – it’s been my way to make a […]
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Golden light this morning at 7am

Let’s talk…

We’ve got a lot to talk about today. Listen up. There’s a little wave on, it’s only waist high+ but it’s an exquisite autumn sunny day. Rain coming tomorrow, so enjoy today. The WSL just postponed all pro-surfing events for March because of the virus. Wow. Over in Manly they’re gonna complete the Sydney Surf […]
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Morning mood

Rip Currents

We are experiencing a good little run of small waves in Sydney. It’s surfable every day – no – not cranking, but you can get wet. As the rips turned on – the bowls started to flow. (I’m sure my Mum will call me later asking what that means in English). The micro-groms were out […]
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Sage Gubbay, one of Bondi's finest


Still plenty of swell loitering around Sydney today. Bondi had waves in the chest high + range on sets. A rip-bowl bank in the middle had some waves, but it was impossible to sit on it – constantly getting sucked out to sea. Quite tricky. Not much wind around this morning and the sun was […]
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World Champion Adriano de Souza from Brazil

Sydney Surf Pro

Professional surfing rolls into Sydney – The Sydney Surf Pro. Fortunately Manly really turned on this morning as waves broke around head high – it was kinda pumping! I wish I had my board on me. As the tide filled in the lulls lengthened – shame for the first few heats of the day which […]
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The full moon, tonight


It’s a full moon tonight. It’s when weird stuff happens. Arrroooooo. You know…like two women brawling over toilet paper at your local supermarket (have you seen this?). That’s weird. Weird stuff is happening around us. Yeah, blame it on the moon. It will pass. Breathe. Stay calm. Bondi’s got a few waves this morning under […]
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Da Bra hacks, 7:30am


We’ve got a break in the rain, the suns out and the NE swell is on the pump. It’s solid, 4-5 foot and consistent. Pretty wild though, exposed beaches had plenty of randomnesses. So if you have your 4 packs of loo paper quota, paddle out. Lower tides will be fruitful at East facing beaches […]
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Dec 19, 2019 Those smokey mornings sure looked pretty (sometimes)

Loo Paper

The beach was deserted today. It was kinda weird as I saw waves in the waist to chest high range that were surfable/contestable. Not a soul from The Tower to Icebergs…hmmm. Did the rain scare everyone off? ‘Cause it’s been steadily coming down all morning OR are you all queuing up for dunny paper at […]
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Bronte after a good pool clean in Feb


How good is the rain! Glorious rain! It is bucketing as I write this post. Not great for my morning photos though… Spike, my 6-year-old, sat in Bondi car park with me this morning, wind wipers blazing, cameras at the ready, 1-2 foot dribblers “Daaada, I want to take over Aquabumps…I wanna take photos…” (music […]
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North Bondi Flags


The weather has done a 180 from yesterday and now we have cooling south winds, onshore mank, and an empty beach. Good day to get some work done. You’re not missing much down here on the beach. Rain coming… I’m selling some of my Canon cameras on eBay. A 1dXMkII for someone who wants to […]
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Tyson, our gallery manager, at it again


Today’s the first post from Autumn, yep, summers’s over. A sigh of relief throughout the rural areas with a bushfire threat. It’s still pretty hot as we climb to 32 degrees today. Sensational Bondi morning with gentle West offshores and a new south groundswell. I think the winds will go onshore around 3pm, so an […]
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