Tamarama at sunrise, 6:34am

Junk in the Trunk

Like the ocean, I’m confused. There’s swell (east), and it’s 3 foot, but it seems to be all over the shop.

The ocean has a heap of junk on it. It appears to be onshore, but you can’t feel the wind. It’s still.

So, once the ocean wipes off some of this morning sickness, it could be a good day for surfing. I think. Maybe. ? ? ? What I do know is that it is going to be a brilliant warm day tomorrow – 28 degrees!

There is some swell forecast for Sunday – but the charts are showing strong winds flanking (offshore but like 35 knots). :: uge

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Wave layers, Bondi Beach 6:30am


The current east swell has dropped a gear. An early morning low tide was closing out most waves at Bondi during sunrise. Every now and then a shoulder-high set will limp in, but it’s not unreal. Just surfable. Fantastic conditions, light offshores, perfectly sunny. Like yesterday, another cracker day to be outside in Sydney. Have […]
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Grassy set


It’s a magic day outside. 1 in 100. It’s that good I think you should all put your tools down, chuck the out-of-office on and hit the beach. The surf is about 5/10…Tamarama had a few on the lower tide but the 11:20 am high tide has engulfed any goodness – it’s now fat as. […]
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Best wave I saw all morning...


Ah…so good to have some rays back – welcome to SPRING! The ocean has calmed down and the waves cleaned up. I saw head high sets this morning breaking kinda well. It was offshore earlier, but now a gentle southerly is fluffing around. Great weather all week long before a windy, stormy Friday. Enjoy. :: […]
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Highlights film from Milos, Greece

Friday’s Show

No photos today. It’s horrible outside. Wait until Sunday when the winds, rain, storm all blow over…looking forward to Spring next week! Check out my highlights film from Milos, Greece (It’s only 2 minutes – you have time). Ciao, Ugios
Asia Bryne and that amazing back drop. West Coast Oahu - always a treat to shoot


“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” ― St Augustine The Travel Edition! Today we’re going around the world to some of my favourite places that I’ve visited this year so far. Why? Oh man, ‘ cause its THAT ugly down the beach with a 30 knot southerly, […]
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The mother ship laying cable


It was like waking up on the set of an alien movie this morning, an ominous giant mother ship lurking just off our shores – quietly, observing us. Will they make contact? Are they abducting surfers for biological tests? Maybe it’s a french gang of surfers who’ve heard Tamarama has a few banks, and they’re […]
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It's blowing hard early! Icebergs 7am


Similar to yesterday it’s raining, onshore and dark grey. Fortunately, there is a bit more swell today but it’s still in the two-foot range. #notpumping In a nutshell – continue to do work as you’re not missing anything down here on the beach! I’m selling some camera gear on eBay, click below:
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The albino rocks from Greece

Euro Nostalgia

It’s one of those ugly days down the beach today. It’s raining, it’s one foot, it’s onshore and there’s little or no light. I think you’ve got better things to do with your time than hang down a wintery beach today? I opted not to shoot this morning. I saw a few guys out scrapping […]
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Yes, this was Bondi today


It’s big. Massive last night but has started to taper off by the time the sun rose today. It came quickly, and now it’s leaving us fast — one-hit wonder. There is still plenty of large chunks of water crashing on our shores. It’s rare to get this big around here and still be surfable. […]
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The lone wolf picking off a non-closeout this morning, Bondi 7:30am


I thought there’d be more swell this morning. Ian Wallace reckons it will hit at 4 pm tonight. If not, call him and complain! Haha. It wasn’t that surfable. I saw one lone wolf in the middle – he only caught one wave riding a 9-foot board. It was 4-6 foot, but they reckon on sunset it […]
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South Bondi first light

Prodigal Son

I’m back. I’ve travelled far and wide this winter and had (and shot) so many incredible experiences. I always say this; it’s good to be home – Sydney is a fantastic place to live (especially when Spring is only 11 days away!). I’m staying put in Bondi now…until next winter. The sun is rising a […]
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Dubrovnik - the fortified jewel of the Adriatic

Kings Landing

Dubrovnik…it’s like going back in time. It’s a stunning fortified city in Croatia surrounded by the idyllic Adriatic islands (which we just sailed through). The centuries-old port pretty much looks the same today as it did in the 16th century. This blows my mind…the city has had a constant stream of aggressive armies trying to take […]
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