Air New Zealand’s Luurve Seat – A New Way To Fly

We recently flew to Hawaii with air NZ – sky couch. Having 2 small children and an overnight flight – sky couch basically turns into a mini bed whereby an adult and a child can lay next to each other across 3 seats, even 2 adults can fit side by side “also known as the Luurve seat”. Where your legs would normally reside pops up and ‘voila’ you have a couch size bed in the sky. In short – a genius offering by Air NZ for couples or families traveling long haul. You get off a flight not a complete zombie with a rested 3 and 6 year old. Yes, our youngest Spike snored the whole way, so mum maybe not so rested!

It’s a great alternative for those who can’t justify the jump to business class – and depending on how you co sleep with your little ones or your partner – there’s a good chance you will arrive to your holiday destination ready to rock! We rated it highly and you can’t beat good ol fashioned customer service that Air NZ excel at every time. Thanks to our special hostess Gail – we could have taken you home with us!