Wisemans Surf Lodge

Aquabumps x Wisemans

Like most women – I’m sure you can relate to the surf widow analogy – I was one until we had our two boys and I realised I didn’t want to miss out on a thing.

“When we had the opportunity to get involved with Wisemans – a wave pool in nature, with luxury accommodation, wellness facilities and good food – I wanted in.”

Debbie Tan / Partner Aquabumps

I never quite understood how ‘babe going for a quick surf’ meant 4 hours, more so when the kids were babies and 4 hours felt like a lifetime. I remember when it dawned on me – about 5 years ago when we were pushing our kids on waves and watching both their joy and ours, that I was not only going to be left by my husband for the waves, but likely all 3 of them would be off enjoying this lifestyle addiction.


That was it, no sitting on the beach for me. I asked for lessons from the pro husband – got myself an extra-long soft board and the rest is history. I’m terrible, but I’m determined to get better and my kids don’t seem to notice just how bad I am, so that’s the main thing – right? Now, my eldest son and I surf more together than he does with his dad. It’s our thing, we talk – we cheer and there’s nothing more heart exploding in the line-up then hearing ‘ Go Mum’ when it all works out and I’m up and on!

Only a surfer knows the feeling.

I now get the 3 – 4 hour thing. You’re always waiting for the next wave and the euphoric feeling of riding the face of a wave – albeit 2 foot for me, is like nothing in the world and to do it with my family is actually everything to me.

“Party waves, the serenity of the sea and the paddle out are all mood lifters, like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.”

I know that they will surpass my ability and be off to the more challenging waves – boat trips and reef breaks with their dad – it’s inevitable. So when we had the opportunity to get involved with Wisemans – a wave pool in nature, with luxury accommodation, wellness facilities and good food, I wanted in. Not only because I’m a Murfer, but for any mum that wants to give surfing a try or is happy to do some yoga, have a massage and be close by to her family while they surf – it ticks all the boxes.

Our kids are little for such a short time – and it becomes harder to keep the family together, as they are seduced by mates and we become redundant. Wisemans is a ticket to keeping them with me for a little longer.

A wave pool, means I can ask for the easy take off – 2 foot peeler that sucks up a little once I’m steady and on and just behind me in the same pool, will be my boys on the 3 – 4 footers that are more like HT’s in the Ments. Once we’ve surfed we can eat together – no cooking required, another plus for me and luxury stay over, so we can enjoy a post surf cocktail, discuss our waves and spend the night surrounded by nature.


Even if you’re a mum who’s not keen on the surf – it’s a luxury way to experience what your family love with the chance to relax with a wine, good book – spa treatments, yoga, infrared sauna & gym.
Needless to say – I’ve signed us up.



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Words: Debbie Tan
At Dusk / Chris Prestidge