Google Pixel 6: Motion Mode and Magic Eraser

In 2022 I will reveal more BTS tips and tricks whilst on my photographic journey.
That’s a promise!

I’ve been using Google Pixel phones for years now. I love the photos that they take.
Two features I’ve been loving are the ‘Motion Mode’ to make creamy motion blur shots, & ‘Magic Eraser’ – which allows you to delete unwanted items in your photographs at the swipe of a finger.

I mainly use this to add drama to my images.
It’s super easy, choose a scene with lots of motion in the background – and at the same time have a foreground subject remain dead still like a statue (it’s rare for my kids to stand still – onya Spike!).

Love using this to clean up my images – so quick & easy to instantly remove unwanted elements from any image.

The Magic Eraser in action – so easy!

Motion Blur in action: