Power Living Bondi Beach

They say it’s the people that help to make a place, a feeling an experience. Ok Dunxs you are the founder and leader of this incredible yoga and brand known as Power Living – but you are exceptional at garnering a tribe and creating communities off the back of your studios here in Aus and New Zealand.

I personally have been practicing at Power Living since it opened its doors in Bondi in 2014. It’s what got me through those early days of being a sleep deprived mum – often I just went to lie down on my mat and for no one to talk to me. No one seemed to mind that I would spend the majority of the class in child’s pose and let out a little snore in savasna. When I can’t make it to class I do YOGAHOLICS at home. It’s a way of life – you just want to move and breathe daily.

'Sprinkles' Large Shadow Box 118cm x 167cm

The teachers are all warm – good humans, my kinda people. I would have them all over for dinner – but suspect they get that all the time.

Some people are born leaders, creators, innovators and you just wanna be around them (I know – I married one). But what Duncan Peak has created with Power Living is hard to describe. There is something exceptionally special about this practice, about the people that make up the Power Living Family.

Power Living is a modern day physical and philosophical practice that focuses on developing a person’s spiritual wellbeing as much as their physical and mental health. They offer Vinyasa, Yin and Roll & Release classes or you can spend the class in childs pose if you need a break from your kids.

'Whitey' Medium Shadow Box 125cm x 91cm

Power Living yoga isn’t so much about the style as it is a community. It’s a way of being. But let me tell you, having been addicted to high impact work outs my whole life, they offer athletic powerful classes that through breath movement and if you opt for some heat, make you feel a million bucks after every class and like you have done something so good for your body.

I believe it’s the base for everyday life – if you’re a surfer, you’ll surf better – if you’re a mum, you’ll be better at it.

The philosophy is breath, it’s movement – but it also clears your mind and gives you focus. It builds strength and flexibility.

The guru that is Duncs and his disciples – transform lives of thousands of humans through his classes, workshops and teacher trainings. They all love what they do and it shows through every studio I have ever been to.

There’s a, feels like home experience the minute you walk through the doors of the Power Living Studio in Bondi, it caters for everyone and is so welcoming.

We at Aquabumps – suggest to try the Roll and Release classes – it’s ideal for men & women with tight shoulders and hips – and who tend to choose the surf over anything else. Your surfing and body will thank you.

2A Jaques Ave, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Words: Debbie Tan

Photographer: Rachel Dray