The Well

We think you will agree that ‘The Well’ Bondi has good taste. Good taste in artwork – good taste in the people it attracts. Good sense of design, space and ‘a gym’ – that doesn’t feel like a typical gym.

It has taken decades of experience and knowledge, forged by friendship, to bring this beautifully designed, multi-faceted home of health & well-being to life. The Well’s approach is to create a living philosophy built around a classic idea: prevention is better than cure.

It’s more than just a gym and cafe. They integrate four core pathways that lead to total wellbeing – MOVE, EAT, BE and FEEL WELL. The pathways to wellbeing are interdependent. Their team work collectively to identify what you need not to mention what you will enjoy and all in the one space – called ‘The Well’.

The Well recently celebrated its 1st birthday on November 2018 – so, you could say they are still the new kids on the block.

We spent a minute in the Well with Sarah Rodd, client Relations and Marketing Manager and have to say we felt a sense of wellbeing right off the bat.

Sarah has been a part of The Well team for just over 15 months.

‘To be honest, I pinch myself every day. I work by the ocean in an office with a big beautiful tree overlooking Bondi beach. I am lucky to be able to meet and work with a range of awesome people from our community, and am surrounded by extremely talented and inspiring co-workers who are always trying to make a difference in people’s lives. Being involved in a career space that takes on a holistic approach, lines up with my values and inspires me daily’.

Their commitment to holistic health is commendable . You don’t have to be a member to come to us, you can come and enjoy a casual class or buy class packs. In the end we are always able to tailor our offerings to suit everyone’s needs.

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They have a raft of talented instructors who all share a common passion to make a difference in people’s lives. Their philosophy is ‘The Well’ wouldn’t exist without the staff, instructors and human connection. We feel a little bit like that about Aquabumps – so welcome to Bondi, you’re in good company.

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Words: Debbie Tan

Photographer: Joella Cashman