Onshore hacks

Unframed Metallic Print

W 38cm x H 25cm

Frame Junior | White

(thin 20mm deep)
W 47cm x H 34cm

Frame Simple | Small

(thick box 40mm deep)
W 56cm x H 40cm

Frame Simple | Medium

(thick box 40mm deep)
W 78cm x H 53cm

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Note: Larger sizes are available - contact us. For framed artworks, dimensions are outside finished frame sizes (not print size).

We’ve been framing artworks immaculately since 2004. All our artworks are made-to-order, one by one, in Australia by one of our craftsmen. All prints are mounted down on acid-free boards and we print on the finest of papers making for a long life and colour stability.

Shadow Box Frame

Shadow boxes are our preferred style of presenting Aquabumps images in frames. Shadow boxes best suit larger works as the frames are thicker and have more presence on the wall as there is a gap between the image and the glass/Perspex front. Shadow boxes come in two options a) White or b) Raw. The Raw frame is a Tasmanian Oak, comes untreated and has a very modest look suiting most domestic applications. All frames are signed by the artist with a very short image title.

Raw Shadow Box
Small 95cm x 70cm
Medium 125cm x 91cm
Large 167cm x 118cm
White Shadow Box
Small 95cm x 70cm
Medium 125cm x 91cm
Large 167cm x 118cm

Simple Frame

Our Simple range of frames suit smaller sized artworks. They are well priced and have the photographic print, window matte and glass all pushed up to the front of the frame (no gap like a Shadow Box frame). Simple frames come in both White and Raw Wood. Great for presents or smaller walls in your house. All frames are signed by the artist with a very short image title.

Raw Simple Frame
Small 56cm x 40cm
Medium 78cm x 53cm
White Simple Frame
Small 56cm x 40cm
Medium 78cm x 53cm

Junior Frame

The Junior is just that… the Junior burger in this family of framing. This is the smallest and thinnest frame that we do. Nice and light (good for carrying on planes), it has a window matte (signed by the artist) that is all pushed to the front of the frame. It’s small, so only suitable for a very small wall. Great gift size.

Raw Junior
Small 47cm x 34cm
White Junior
Small 47cm x 34cm


We’ve been doing Acrylic Face Mounts for nearly a decade now and have become a signature style for the Aquabumps Gallery. Acrylics are slick, they make the image look ‘wet’ and colours really ‘pop’. Acrylic Face Mounts suit modern houses and larger sizes while Desk Blocks sit on your desk (or shelf). Nothing looks better than one of our acrylics on a nice, crispy clean white wall. We believe our aerial images and water shots of waves look best in this medium.

Acrylic Face Mount
Acrylic Face Mounts
Small 100cm x 67cm
Medium 127cm x 84cm
Large 178cm x 118cm
Acrylic Desk Block
Acrylic Desk Blocks (3cm thick)
Standard 30cm x 20cm

002-Raw950-Loungeroom4Our artwork is often given as a gift. It’s that perfect present for beach lovers. If you order online and we custom make the artwork to your specifications, unfortunately, we can’t do any exchanges or refunds on made-to-order artworks. If you purchase in stock items at our Bondi Gallery we can do exchanges within 14 days of purchase with a valid receipt present (and return the goods in a perfect sellable condition).

Contact us to see what’s in stock now. A great present is a gift voucher from us – let them pick! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all as we can guide you through the decision process.

We ship our artworks globally, framed or unframed.

We have done this for over 14 years successfully. We have clients all over the globe – you name it…London to New York. Obviously it’s more cost effective to send artworks unframed (rolled up in a tube) but if you want to take advantage of our deep knowledge in fine artwork framing, then order framed prints from us.

All our shipped framed artworks are in Perspex, not glass to ensure a break-free delivery. Our bespoke, super lightweight artwork shipping crates absorb the long journey to your home. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all about shipping.

Please note there is a shipping fee calculation once you’ve added this artwork to your cart. All orders outside Australia are sold minus the Australian Taxes (GST 10%).


Come on in! We’d love to see you. Order your artwork online and we will let you know when it’s ready to be picked up.

Aquabumps Gallery
151 Curlewis Street
Bondi Beach NSW
Sydney Australia 2026Telephone + 612 9130 7788
Gallery Manager: Tyson Millar
Our opening hours are:
Monday – Sunday: 10am to 6pmPublic Holidays: Check out social media channels as we do close on the big days like Xmas day and Boxing Day.



Eugene Tan (Uge) is a photographer that likes to surf and a surfer that loves to take photographs. Uge has been shooting since he was 9 years old and submerged in the ocean since he was 3 (or at least that’s his first memory). He shoots daily at Bondi and often travels the world in search of other idyllic paradises. Since 1999 he’s sent out a daily photo email from the beach, which has a global audience.




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