Melon time!

Estate infinita

Well, that was one helluva beach weekend — one of the year’s most beautiful. With crystal clear warm water and a few small waves, I am pretty sure you’re happy with how your weekend went down. Today – not so great. One foot, offshore, and lots and lots of rain. I wasn’t feeling inspired to […]

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Italian sun deck

Euro Nostalgia

It’s raining in Sydney; it hasn’t stopped all morning. The crusted salt on my car is finally washing away as hopefully, our farmers are jumping for joy with drought reprieve. The beach was pretty ugly this morning. Grey, dark, 2 foot. Nestle into that office chair, it’s going to rain for 48 hours – get […]

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Three buddies, Santa Monica California

Terabytic Discovery

These soggy rainy Sydney days are a great opportunity to dig through the Terabytes of shots taken on recent trips. If I stopped shooting I feel I would have enough supply to show you something every day, for years! (Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere – I love shooting, you know it). Grab a […]

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Red toke, Santa Monica, California


It hasn’t stopped raining since I woke. Sydney is getting a thorough rinsing today – thankfully. It’s been 72 days since we’ve had more than 2mm of rain. Our last day decent wet was June 10! Bring it on – my garden is loving it. We should receive between 15mm and 25mm today. The winds […]

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Today, Bondi, in between the rain. Not very exciting I know.


Excitement levels are extremely low today down the beach. The swell has gone, the clear skies are now full of dark rain clouds. It’s a day to do some work. It will rain from now until Sunday night. Binge out on Netflix this weekend. There will be surfable waves all weekend with a new swell. […]

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Many of you have been here, Capri's Fontelina

A mare…

Well, it wasn’t my most memorable morning down at Bondi. There’s definitely room for improvement. The waves are a dribbly foot, it’s semi onshore, raining and well – the beach is empty. I did get down there, 2 cameras in hand, ready for action. But my inspiration blew away in the first rain squall. I […]

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It’s pouring with rain outside in Sydney. Nice day to be indoors. I didn’t shoot this morning for obvious reasons. I choose to show you some gold from the Aquabumps archives. My mother has worked in the airline biz nearly her entire life (and still does). She taught us boys at a young age that […]

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