'Bergs window furnace

Same-same but different

It started out as a stock standard, off the rack Bondi morning with clear skies, 3-4 foot closeouts and offshore breezes. The vibes a little different though, plenty more people down there in the morning doing their spring/summer rituals. The promenade was busy, the bootie camps 20% more participants, 24% more dog walkers – and […]

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Blown! Rain coming today. Get wet right now


It’s gonna rain soon. If you haven’t been down for a swim/surf you’re running out of time. It’s going to rain for a couple of days and hopefully fill our dams. At sunrise the skies were clear, by 9am it’s greyed over. Tiny swell still producing a few fun little waves for the frothers. Wednesday […]

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Balayage - getting my tips done! Bondi


At first light, I swam out the back of Bondi dragging a camera. It was a mistake; I ended up swimming against a rip for an hour. So much water moving around in the bay. I would get sucked out to sea, then across to The ‘Bergs, and then back out again! After 5 laps in […]

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The lone wolf picking off a non-closeout this morning, Bondi 7:30am


I thought there’d be more swell this morning. Ian Wallace reckons it will hit at 4 pm tonight. If not, call him and complain! Haha. It wasn’t that surfable. I saw one lone wolf in the middle – he only caught one wave riding a 9-foot board. It was 4-6 foot, but they reckon on sunset it […]

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Andrew Weetman pushing that odd looking board to the limits

Wind Switch

It was onshore early but looks cleaner now. I think the winds are switching. The forecasted swell has arrived and waves are in the 2-sort-of-3 foot. It’s surfable, contestable, semi-enjoyable. Definitely not pumping. Maybe if this wind continues to drift to the North it will get cleaner and have more potential. I need your help. […]

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#thebondileft has been doing its thing once again this morning. Bit more #East in the #swell and looks like we may have a #righthander on our hands. #true. #iamovergoingleft so a little right shorey will be welcomed. The #winds are coming from the SW…the #nemisisonshore will arrive later today putting some #chop in them faces. […]

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