Berg's sunrise, before opening and filling

Circadian Rhythm

They say getting up early and exposing yourself to first light, the warmest light of the day is good for your circadian rhythm. It kicks your body clock into gear and helps regulate your sleeping patterns. I’m actually writing about a topic I have no real knowledge of so let’s just leave it at that! I […]

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Today is RUOK day. Are you ok? It’s a day dedicated to reminding people to ask family, friends and colleagues the question, “R U OK?”, in a meaningful way, because connecting regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference to anyone who might be struggling. The surf isn’t OK today. […]

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This is how I feel about today, give me more! C'mon!


I’d like to talk about all the amazing things I witnessed down the beach this morning. That the waves were proper pumping, the light was incredible and how I couldn’t stop taking photographs. Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen… it was a vanilla onshore kinda morning with very little highlights for us to discuss. In fact […]

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Cute couple. North Bondi yesterday

Beach Dayz

The weather is warming up and Bondi is a hive of activity from 5:30 am. The weekend was perfect for a visit and the sands were packed. How good has the surf been lately? 6 days in a row of good conditions. Today slots into the ‘surfable’ category…like a lot of days down here that are […]

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