Wowser, yesterday at Bondi was rammed


Well, that was a biggie. Yesterday was the perfect storm down at Bondi – Sculptures, 31 degrees and a Sunday. Huge crowd madness. Watch my little video if you don’t believe me. Today Bondi is pieced back together and all back to normal. Waves – 1 footers, not even. Winds are NNW (good for Bondi) but […]

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You think you're local beach is busy, come surf ours


Yesterday ended up being quite a special day down the beach with awesome colours. Don’t believe me? Watch this 1 min fly around Bondi…you’ll see. (around 30,000 have already watched this video our on social channels!) Not much happening down the beach this morning surfwise – 1footish. Sunshine was out earlier, clouding over now. A cooler […]

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Bondi Beach on the weekend, standing room only!


The weekend was the 1st big one for the season – hot, muggy, crowded with northerly winds – just perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon on our beloved coastline. A lot of wintery bleached white bods on the beach, hunting their first dose of a base tan. Waves – not really happening today or on […]

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basking in the sun

3 good reasons to hit the beach right now. 1) It is gonna be a fat 32 degrees 2) It is gonna rain for the rest of the week 3) It is just perfect down there right now, ok, some waves would be nice, but you can’t have everything Waves will come Wed/Thursday. Bye for […]

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