Shorty, slotted. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia


Hey, how are you? 2 weeks ago, we saw a swell on the charts that would coincide with the middle of our boat trip. And yep, it arrived right on time and produced the goods. Mentawais has ignited. Waves are pulsing, and the boats are spreading out to their favourite reefs. We’ve surfed all day […]

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The old boat ramp, a treasured spot at sunset


I’m backing the Red Cardinal in today’s Melbourne Cup. Only because Bondi Beach (who came 2nd last year) isn’t running. Who are you supporting? It’s going to be hot and muggy (31) for your Cup luncheon today. No, you’re not missing any action down the beach, it’s very overcast, sticky and 1-2 foot on the […]

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Probably one of the most photographed pool corners in the world


No Royal couples, no wind (yet), not really any waves…but yes, we have sunshine! Ah yes, Bondi’s back to its usual spring pattern. The 7:30am high tide was killing it for surfers. Waves limped into the south facing Bondi whilst it was waaaay too full for Tama. Lower tides will be more promising. If you’re coming to […]

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The rocky southern corner of Bronte Beach, NSW

The Bird

I tried hard to cover all angles this morning, from air, land and other beaches. Tomorrow I’ll attempt the trifecta with water shots in the mix. There is some left over south swell still in town; it’s only 1-2 foot at the moment. Bondi was closing out with an 8 am low tide. I’d call Bondi […]

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Right now the beach is all calm and chilled. A small pulse at sunrise had some fun ones, but now it’s back to a dribbly 1 foot. After a cloudy start the sun is out now and putting on some warmth. Really nice day. REALLY nice day. SURFAID is in partnership with Spotify. It’s called […]

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Let’s get high together…high above the beach for my favourite angle. My buddy PB has rolled up with the bird so we can show you these incredible beaches from the air. Water looks so blue from up there! Finally the wind has dropped a few gears and they’ve started the Volcom Pipe Pro. Pipe ain’t […]

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