Where's Oxford Street?


It’s not really beach weather at the moment. There are 3-4 footers out front, but the howling onshore isn’t doing it any favours. It’s super messy, junkie, manky and grovelly. I’m not that motivated to surf it… Next week the weather should improve, sit tight, do some work or binge on Dirty John Netflix series […]

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Makapuu nuggets, Hawaii


The 30-foot waves and 90-knot gusts have faded, and all is slowly returning back to normal on Oahu, Hawaii. Hell, we might even get a trade wind tomorrow. The island is in clean-up mode as they repair from one of the most ferocious storms I’ve witnessed. Some beaches will need time for the sand to […]

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Stormy on one side, clear on the other. Oahu is one helluva pretty island

Aloha Storm

Welcome back to Hawaii, the land of Aloha. The best thing about being on an island during a 50-year storm is that you can always escape to another side for protection from the gale force winds and 30-foot surf. Volcanes work well as a shield! At 5 pm today the swell buoys registered 38.4 feet (@17 […]

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