Como Cocoa, every island needs a 500m sand spit

Como Cocoa

Chapter 3: We’ve switched islands to the tiny Como Cocoa, a stone’s throw from one of Maldives’ surfing jewels, Kandooma. Cocoa is an island so small that you can kick a football across the middle of it…or a lilo circumnavigational will take you around half an hour. At low tide, a 500-metre sand spit emerges […]

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Quite a bit going on underneath the surface!


In the Maldives, the working week is Sunday to Thursday, and Friday & Saturday is the weekend! The waves are still ripable here on Kandooma, and there is not much over head high (perfect for the tykes). Their surf season is May to September, which is good as it is the opposite of the general […]

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Welcome back to the Maldives, chapter 2 of my overseas winter odyssey, where I am hunting warm water, waves, and idyllic beaches. After surfing left in the Mentawais for two weeks, it’s time to go right on one of the Maldivian jewels—Kandooma. I’ve been to the Maldives six times and have never scored decent waves […]

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The water colours here are jaw dropping.


We’ve arrived at the Noonu Atoll, Maldives, searching for the bluest water on the planet. We’re on the island of Medhufaru where Soneva Jani lies. It’s a dreamy, idyllic place where two long jetties into a giant lagoon connect your room to the land. It’s like living on a boat; everywhere you look, there is […]

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Welcome to the Maldives, a aquatic haven like no other!

Away / Mol·deevz

It’s been 14 years since my last visit to the world’s lowest islands – Maldives (mol·deevz). I love this place; it’s a giant aquatic playground with 1192 islands (only a fifth are inhabited). Try scrolling through Instagram without seeing an idyllic image of crystal blue water and tiny islands in the Maldives—impossible. So many come […]

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5,000 daily Aquabumps emails over 12 years, approximately 250,000 frames shot on 15 cameras using 23 lenses in 5 different water housings, 12 trips to the Mentawais, 2 to the Maldives, a weekend in Thailand, 3 x Singapore(?) visits, 3 trips to crystal clear Fiji, 2 trips to Hawaii, 15 trips to Bali, the Kimberley’s, […]

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Where the hell is summer?

It’s not often that rain hinders my morning shoot so much, that I have to show you something else to distract you from your busy day. But hang on, 3 days of rain in a row? It’s real wet and grey outside. Welcome to the first day of summer kids! Where the hell is it […]

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Archival Revival

These wet, onshore Sydney mornings give me a good opportunity to sift through archives and find some gold. This morning I worked out that I’ve caught 48 flights this year (no medal please) and covered a lot of ocean from Maldives to Hawaii, shooting thousands of frames, most of which have barely been viewed and […]

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Monday Mush

Howdy. Mighty fine grey, wet, onshore morning out there. In between rain squalls I ducked down to survey the surf conditions – D I R E. Absolutely forget about it. In fact, this week looks pretty average for surfing. You’ll be very productive for the next 5 days at work for sure. Design For Humanity […]

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I’m baaaack

I am back from my 4 week sabbatical and pleased to find 3-4 footers down at Bondi. Yeah it was a little bumpy, dumpy and random but highly surfable and very few out. So I’ve been hearing ALL about the past 2 weeks of south swell madness. How fortunate for you. Hope you’ve scored your […]

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Island Time

Maruhabaa. Looks like you’ve had some chunky south swell over the weekend in Sydney. Nice. It sounds like it wasn’t the gold-plated swell of the year though (as originally predicted). Fortunately there will be waves for most of this week as the south swell supply continues. The onshore winds may be a problem some days, […]

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What if I told you there is an island, a very small island that you can walk around in 7 minutes which has the most perfect beaches in the world surrounded by clear, crystal blue, salubrious 26 degree water? Would you believe me? Well this must be what heaven is like…it’s called the island of […]

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That brief interlude with spring is all over…the claws of winter have crept back in. Rain and wind dominate the morning as we max out on 16 degrees. 25 knots of south easterly is decimating anything in its path. Bondi was a sloppy 2-3 foot. Not a sole out. Says it all really. Back to […]

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