Wowser, yesterday at Bondi was rammed


Well, that was a biggie. Yesterday was the perfect storm down at Bondi – Sculptures, 31 degrees and a Sunday. Huge crowd madness.¬†Watch my little video if you don’t believe me. Today Bondi is pieced back together and all back to normal. Waves – 1 footers, not even. Winds are NNW (good for Bondi) but […]

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Soft Box

Cloudy/humid morning. That’s OK. I like shooting in the even light. Sumpin’ different. Kinda like shooting with a soft box. Waves. Na nuttin’ really worth writing about. Great day for beginners or if you own a mal. Swim. Yes please. 29 degrees and fine for the rest of the day. Do it before a late […]

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