Break through, Bondi 6:40am


After a 30 knot evening, we still have plenty of onshore flow. Bondi is junkie but rideable. Good for your aerials! (especially after watching Italo at the Quiky pro). There is plenty of chunk in the bump – I saw some sets in the 5-foot range – boom! Winds will slightly ease into tonight. Tomorrow and […]

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Yesterday. Tamarama. Paradise


Yesterday was quite a rare, windless, ultra-aquamarine, waveless, glamourous beach day. Today, its 3-4 foot, onshore, raining. Looks like the grey weather is forecast for quite a few days now. A great day to get stuff done. Crank it. :: uge

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Only a few weeks old, but heavily used skate park


Looks real bad for surfers out at Bondi. Windblown trash really at 3-4 foot. ESE winds are terrible in Sydney, they seem to affect most beaches. It’s a shame as most people were nursing their Melbourne Cup hangovers and you’d score the line up empty – well if it was surfable that is. It’s true, “Bondi […]

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North Bondi sleds


It’s pretty wild and wedgey out there at Bondi Beach. There are some chunks breaking above your head and you’ve got the entire paddock to yourself. Hell, even the sun has busted out this morning after a night of rain – toot toot! Do you remember Mr. Beautiful (Beautiful All is his official name in […]

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After a rather stormy weekend with huge swell it seems to be calming down. Well at least it has stopped raining but the wind is howling. I didn’t really see any significant surfing going down at beach this morning. The sheltered northern beaches would have better waves than around here. The Spartan Bourez won the […]

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