Tyson Millar, throwing the big frame around at South

Dawn Currents

Our constant supply of East swell got a spruce up this morning. I saw waves over head high at Bondi, but around the corner at exposed beaches will be much, much bigger. Nice! I choose to swim with my camera, which proved difficult as the rip currents were on turbo, not allowing me to connect […]

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One way to wake up, a splash at Icebergs


I was just about to write “An abundance of sunshine this morning – how good – as the forecast was for rain rain rain” – and then, it poured. Bucketed. Only for a minute. Enough for you to rethink your outdoor plan for today. It’s going to be a fickle week, mostly wet and onshore. […]

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Regardless of today, summer is coming...

Bondi Moods

Today is definitely not a beach day. Nope, not even close. The waves looked dreary, onshore, manky, junky and brown! Rain is pouring and this will continue for a couple of days. That’s OK, I truly hope it’s helping with the northern fires and drought conditions. It’s cold, I’ve got the old puffer on. Bunker […]

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Winter warmth coming over Ben Buckler. Bondi.

Clean Closeouts

It was a shame the tide was so low for my photos this morning (0.5m at 8:40 am). The conditions were clean, crisp, offshore and head high. It will improve a lot when the tide kicks back in…I hope. It is offshore all day long, so plenty of time. Have a coffee, and enjoy the […]

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Big swell, rogue waves, wind and grey skies. Ah yes, a front has just rolled through Sydney but it looks short lived with the skies clearing already. Australia is smothered by a giant high pressure system, so I reckon fine weather will come back and better winds for surfing. Hopefully the ocean will settle too…making […]

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8 E I G H T

It was a bit chilly down there this morning. A lucky 8 degrees. The water was a welcome reprieve…being much warmer than the air. There is a small wave on offer, waist to inconsistent chest high. Shallow bank in the south end has the most joy. The forecast for the weekend looks sunny and small…maybe […]

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That ‘booming’ new ENE swell still hasn’t arrived properly…yet. It’s coming though. With the majority of the swell energy neglecting south facing Bondi I woke early to cross the ditch to Manly Town. Manly faces NE drawing in every bit of this swell direction. Waves broke around head high but with an incoming tide was […]

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s h o r e y w a r p

Today we drove to the other side of the island where it’s a completely different weather pattern – sunny skies, blue water, calm beach…ah yes, a nice change from the rainy/stormy north shore. Ok so the waves weren’t pumping but the water clarity was AMAZING. See you in back in Bondi, :: u g e […]

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