The flipside, Bondi sunrise 6:30am

Golden Hues

When it’s hot I don’t sleep much. Rolling down the beach at 6 am I don’t think many of you sleep either. Bondi was alive this morning with people going mad on exercise, swimming, surfing, SUPing, fishing…it’s on. Did I say surfing? To clarify, it’s tiny…and the banks remain dysfunctional. The Bulldozers are powering all […]

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S h a k a

Aloha. Looks like some swell coming in the next few days so I opted to shoot non-surfing stuff today. You’re gonna get enough surfing action…don’t fret. I reckon the Volcom Pipe Pro may kick off tomorrow as well. Loads of hot surfing talent around – just look in any direction and someone is doing an […]

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