Sage blowing tails and up early for once. Bondi


Surf forecasters were calling only 1-2 foot for this morning, but it was better than that I reckon. I saw a rare head high set, clean, sunny, warm water – ah yes, that’s a good combo. NE winds are blowing, tomorrow the water may cool right down again. Have a great day, uge

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Oh boy, what a difference 24 hours makes


Sydney weather is like a wild ride on a rollercoaster. Belting hot moments flanked by smothering southerly cool changes. Repeat. Hot/Cold. Calm/Windy. Repeat. Last night was stinking hot – it felt like Singapore. One helluva thunderstorm at dinner time. This morning, howling southerly onshores, 1-2 foot NE swells, empty beaches. You’ve heard me spruiking our […]

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